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Meet Sam!

Sam is 8 years old and has a very rare genetic mutation disorder called Cardio-Facio-Cutanious Syndrome. He is completely G-Tube feed, non-verbal, unable to walk, and is the happiest sweetest boy you will ever meet. Sam has many challenges in his life. However every day he wakes with a smile on his face and more courage and bravery than most adults will ever have. Sam is an inspiration to all who know him. His favorite color is blue, he loves throwing things, watching HGTV, and loves his family. Many people will look away when they see him, many will be afraid for various reasons, most will be uncomfortable. However they miss one of the greatest joys and blessings. Rocky Mountain Homecare's staff has made Sam's life better in so many ways. We greatly appreciate their support and consistent availability to provide for Sam's every need.