Did you know that insurance can help pay for medical supplies you need? 

Do any of these apply to you or someone you know?

-Special Needs (Children & Adults)

-Elderly Care

-Have Medicaid (or Pending), and need financial assistance buying diapers. 

-Long term medical condition.

- A medical condition that requires medical supplies for care.


If you answered yes to any of these we may be able to help. Insurance coverage can be difficult to understand and every case is different. We help identify your needs go over the options that are available for you.

We carry the products you need and the knowledge to assist you every step of the way. 

Our Products

Here For You

We Understand.

We know it can be frustrating understanding your insurance coverage and the options you have for medical needs. Here are  some of the ways we make it easy for you :

  • Free in-home evaluation for equipment.
  • We handle the paperwork and billing for Medicaid, Medicare, Private Insurance and CHP+ for supplies.
  • Extensive product knowledge 
  • We work with special needs.  

We Do It All.

Our professional staff is trained and ready to help!

  • English  & Spanish representatives
  • In depth understanding of Medicaid coverage and private insurance for better approval.
  • Emergency approval within 24 hrs on Medicaid supplies
  • We can assist clients that have medicaid pending with a caseworker or doctor approval.
  • Easy Online Ordering

When You Need It Most.

At RMH we work hard to have the supplies you need available for you whenever you need them.

  • Large selection of products stored in our local warehouse
  • Monthly delivery
  • We offer  FREE  local delivery from our warehouse or FREE 2 day rush shipping available on most orders.

Did You Know?

You have a choice of Medicaid Programs? If your not in the medicaid program of your choice  (PCP or HMO) we can assist you in notifying Medicaid of your request to change.

Ready To Switch?

If you are already getting supplies from another company and would like RMH as your new provider, we make the change seamless and will file all documentation for you!